Welcome to the brand-new Nano-Design Group at Harvard!

Our Goal: to develop future generations of energy-efficient electronic systems, by combining new technology advances in nanomaterials, devices, systems, architectures, and integration.


gage-seasHello! My name is Gage Hills (he/him/his), and I will be joining Harvard SEAS as an Assistant Professor in 2021. I will be starting a brand-new research group - the Nano-Design Group - and am actively looking for students. If you are a highly-motivated student interested in joining us, please let me know that you would like to join our team; we're looking to create a large and diverse team of PhD students, post-docs, and anyone else looking to get involved in research (e.g., undergrads, K-12 students, industry collaborators, and others).

So, what is the Nano-Design Group all about?

In the Nano-Design Group at Harvard, our goal is to develop future generations of energy-efficient very-large-scale integrated (VLSI) systems, by combining new technology advances in nanomaterials, new devices, systems, computer architectures, and integration. Specifically, we focus in the new discipline of emerging nano-design: discovering and developing new circuits, systems, and design methodologies that leverage the unique benefits of new technologies, while simultaneously overcoming their inherent challenges (such as nano-scale imperfections and variations in emerging nanotechnologies). Through emerging nano-design, we are now enabling new types of end-user applications that are impossible to create using today's silicon-based technologies. Read more!

Thanks for visiting, and don't forget to check out our recent publications, resources, and community outreach efforts.